ATTENTION parents of players born in 2006 or 2007!

Would you like to play for our new under 8 team? If so, PM, PM or email

We seek out 8 players in total and naturally and see how they fit in.

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CORDUFF F.C – ‘David Lynch’ memorial underage competition.

Corduff FC are running this year’s underage tournament from Monday the 12th of August until Sunday the 18th of August.

The format is as follows. We are looking as always to fill two groups of four. Some teams are already entered and it’s first come, first serve.

6pm to 9pm Monday 12th – Under 9’s and 10’s for next season (7-a-side) €50 a team.

6pm to 9pm Tuesday 13th – Under 11′s and 12′s of next season (9-a-side) €70 a team.

6pm to 9pm Wednesday 14th – Under 13′s of next season €100 a team

6pm to 9pm Thursday 15th – u14′s of next season €100 a team

6pm to 9pm Friday 16th – U15′s of next season €100 a team

11am onward Saturday 17th – 16′s and 17′s of next season €100 a team

Sunday 18th Finals day.


Contact for all inquiries.

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New players interested in joining Corduff football club

CORDUFF F.C are now preparing for next season, and the following is information for new players wishing to join this club.

Please note that although teams require players, the teams are established teams
and beginners will find it hard to break in to most established teams – the
exception being a new team such as under 8′s.

U8 2006
This is a new team, and we are currently working on setting this up. if you’re
interested, please PM the Corduff FC Facebook account or email – we have a manager for this team (a coach would be welcome)

U9 2005
Last seasons under 8′s have a plan to create another team at under 9, however stronger players are welcome to try out for the existing team. If you’re interested in either the A or B team, please make contact with Liam Keating on 0879916679 or Mark Walsh 0858427792. They start training from next Monday 6-7pm

U10 2004
We are working on a second team here, and indeed we have a manager for that second team but all enquiries should go through Daniel Herbert who runs the existing team with Martin Reid on 0852869289

U11A 2003
This is another very strong team and we welcome stronger players to add to this team – the team start training next Monday at 6pm and Paul McCullough can be contacted on 0851155217

U11B 2003
Please make contact with Mark Byrne on 0874101765 – Mark maybe on holidays at the moment.

U12A 2002
Git has a very strong team and premier players need only apply for this established side. Please contact Git on 0860508179

U12B 2002
Corduff under 12B require 3/4 new players and are currently training Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 7 pm. Ken Wall can be contacted on 0876890980 – they are also training Saturday at 11am.

U13A 2001
This is a very strong team and are open to two new players of the required standard to come on board. They train Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm to 6:30pm and John Cunningham can be contacted on 0857421806 – premier players need apply.

U13B 2001
This team train Tuesday and Thursdays and welcome new players. please contact Gus on 0860790958

U14 2000
This existing team is fine for players at the moment, however we are looking to start a second team – so please make inquiries to Sean Cunningham on 0858100729 for the second team.

U15 P 1999
Assessments will take place on Thursday the 18th at 7pm.Premier players need only apply for this team and Steve Morley can be contacted on 0868186439

U15 A 1999
This team is looking for stronger players to add to the team. They Train Monday and Wednesday at the moment from 6-7Pm and Dermot can be contacted on 0879819946

U16 Prem 1998
This team is very, very strong and players of a good quality are required to boost the squad. Contact Johney Boothman on 0876414285 if interested. This current team will meet Monday at 7pm, at which assessment dates will be announced afterward. Premier players needs only apply.

U17 A 1997
This team will start assessments for new players this Wednesday the 10th of July at 6pm in Corduff park. Rodney can be contacted on 0857036717

U18 This team won their premier division last season and arrangements for this team will be announced within one week. Stay tuned.

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The Duff make the headlines. Credit to Davey Travers, John Boothman and Clove Keogh to help make this happen. A boost for the entire club and the community.

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CORDUFF F.C senior sponsor – Jennings Funerals.

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